Registered Charity No 297006



1. The name of the society is "The Sussex Otters" (hereafter known as "The Club").

2. The object of The Club shall be to relieve sickness by aiding physical, emotional, and social development, through the provision of recreational
swimming facilities for people with disabilities (physical and mental), regardless of the severity of their disability or of their age.

3. In furtherance of the said object but not further or otherwise The Club through itís Executive Committee shall have the following powers;

(1) to provide moneys, goods or services either alone or in association with any other body or persons;

(2) subscribe or affiliate to or become a member of any other institutions having charitable objects similar to those of The Club or providing assistance of any kind
to those persons who would be beneficiaries of The Club;

(3) to co-operate and work with, including the sharing of expenses, any body or organisation itself being a charity or public authority or having the support of a public authority;

(4) to raise funds and to invite and receive contributions from any person or persons whatsoever by way of subscription, donation and otherwise provided that The Club shall not undertake
any permanent trading activities in raising funds for itís charitable object;

(5) to borrow money or enter into other contracts on behalf of The Club and subject to such consents as may be required by law charge all or any of the property of The Club;

(6) to do all such lawful things as shall further the object of The Club.

4. (a) The officers of The Club shall be a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Honorary Secretary, and Honorary Treasurer.

    (b) Full Membership is open to a) any handicapped person over the age of 17, who can produce a doctorís certificate stating that the person is fit to take part in recreational activities in the water,
           b) any regular helper approved by the Executive Committee,
           c) the parent of a handicapped person under the age of 17, and d) the spouse of a handicapped member.

  Family Membership is open to any named members of the immediate family of a full member who are accepted as such by the Executive Committee.

  Group Membership is at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

  Honorary Membership. In recognition of voluntary service to The Club, the Executive Committee may appoint persons whether handicapped or not,
to be honorary members and such persons will not be liable to pay either membership subscriptions or pool entry fees.

  Associated Membership where, at the discretion of the Executive Committee, members of The Club and their relatives who can no longer swim
regularly can become members, to enjoy the social aspects of The Club, but only entitlement to swim at the guest entry rate.

    (c) The Executive Committee shall have the right, for good and sufficient reason, to terminate the membership of any individual or organisation and
may by resolution communicated to any member in writing and stating concisely the grounds for which it proposes to act call upon that member
to resign from The Club. The member in question shall have the right to attend and be heard by the Executive Committee before a final decision
is made. If the member does not attend and will not resign within forty-eight hours after being so called upon the Executive Committee may by
resolution terminate the membership.

5. There shall be an Executive Committee of The Club consisting of not more than ten persons, including all the Officers of The Club.
Among their other powers the Executive Committee may:-

    (a) co-opt members for special assistance, and fill any vacancies which may occur during the term of office of such co-opted members, but the persons
or bodies so filling the vacancies shall retire at the Annual General Meeting next following his or her co-option and shall be eligible for election;

    (b) determine any question as to the interpretation of this constitution and such decision shall be final;

    (c) determine the amount (if any) of any Annual Subscription to be paid by members of The Club.

6. All the Officers of The Club and all members of the Executive Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of The Club.
Both the Officers of The Club and the Executive Committee shall retire annually, but shall be eligible for re-election by The Club.

7. The Annual General Meeting of The Club shall be held in the month of May in each year, and every full member shall receive not less than
fourteen daysí notice of such meeting. Special meetings may be convened by the Secretary upon request by the Executive Committee or by any
six members upon a similar notice which shall state the business to be considered at the meeting.

8. At the Annual General Meeting every full member including the Chairman shall have one vote and in the case of equality of votes the Chairman
shall have a second or casting vote. There shall be a quorum at any meeting of the Club when the number of full members present is ten or one tenth
of the number of members for the time being.

9. The Executive Committee shall meet once in every month provided there is business to despatch and additionally as required and shall appoint a
Chairman to preside at such meetings. Each member including the Chairman shall have one vote and in the case of an equality of votes the Chairman
shall have a second or casting vote. At least five members present shall be a quorum plus the Chairman or his deputy for the time being.

10. All sums collected or donated to the Club shall be handed over to the Treasurer who shall pay the same into a Bank Account in the name of
The Club. Cheques shall be signed by at least two persons so authorised by the Executive Committee, which persons shall be members of the
Executive Committee.

11. Alterations to this constitution shall receive the assent of two-thirds of the full members present and voting at an Annual General Meeting or a
Special General Meeting. A Resolution for the alteration of the constitution must be received by the Secretary of The Club at least 21 daysí before the
meeting at which the Resolution is to be brought forward. At least 14 daysí notice of such meeting must be given by the Secretary to the membership
and must include notice of the alteration proposed.

Provided that no alteration shall be made to Clause 2 (Object), Clause 12(Dissolution) or this clause, until the approval in writing of the Charity
Commissioners or other authority having charitable jurisdiction shall have been obtained; and no alteration shall be made which would have the effect
of causing The Club to cease to be a charity in law.

12. The Club may be dissolved by a Resolution passed by two-thirds majority of those present and voting at a Special General Meeting convened for the
purpose of which 21 daysí notice shall have been given to the full members. Such Resolution may give instructions for the disposal of any assets by or
in the name of The Club provided that if any property remains after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities such property shall not be paid or distributed
among the members of The Club but shall be given or transferred to such other charitable institution or institutions having objects similar to some or all of
the objects of The Club as The Club may determine and if and in so far as effect cannot be given to this provision then to some other charitable purpose.

13. The Financial Year of the Club shall be from 1st January to the 31st December in each year.


Revised 15th December 2001

Reviewed December 2012